Cooking is one of those things that used to be a coveted accomplishment among women. However, when women through off their aprons and burned their bras in the 1960s, cooking became a symbol of domestic servitude. Real cooking became  dominated by male chefs.



be to create great food. Cooking is as much of an art as music, painting, dancing, or design.

Cooking marries science with creativity. The mystery of how flour, sugar, eggs, and milk become a cake is astounding.

Cooking is the best kind of science. After all, how many school science projects ended up being something you could eat? Cooking is the BEST!

Cooking as Art

I agree that the kind of drudgery cooking that most people think of when it comes to feeding their family day in and day out can be extremely boring.Well, really, how many hamburger "assisters" or mac-n-cheese in a box can a person make before they want to scream and down a bottle of bourbon?

Lately, the art of cooking is making a comeback. We are remembering what real food tastes like and how creative and emotionally satisfying it can


A Well-Equipped Kitchen

There are a zillion things you can have to equip your kitchen.

Here are some of my "must haves."