Appetizers and Dips

Appetizers go back to the 1st Century Rome. The upper classes ate seasoned eggs, fruits, shellfish, olives, and such before the first course of their meal. In the United States, prior to the 20th Century, appetizers were things like oysters on the half-shell, coups, little open faced sandwiches, and finger foods such as canapes. Canapes were made from stale bread with a spread of some sort on top.


Dips as appetizers became common in the 1950’s with the popularity of sour cream mixed with Lipton dried onion soup mix. However, dips existed before that time. Mrs. Woodrow Wilson served the President his  favorite clam and cream cheese dip. In the 1940’s, James Beard writes of “large bowls of cheese mixtures which are of a consistency that permits dunking.”


6 servings

Source: Anita Burns


2 tablespoons Brandy

3 tablespoons Dried fruit, chopped or whole

8 ounces Brie cheese

2 tablespoons Toasted walnuts or almonds, chopped


Place brandy and dried fruit in a small bowl.

Microwave until apricots absorb brandy, 30 to 60 seconds.

Place Brie in a microwave-safe serving dish


Microwave until cheese starts to melt (30 to 60 seconds).

Spoon fruit over brie.

Sprinkle nuts on top of Brie.

Spread on crackers or crusty bread.